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Timeless with nonapeptide

Timeless with nonapeptide


  1. Nourishing the skin and improving oxygenation and microcirculation in the skin
  2. FIGHTING signs of aging and making the skin more elastic
  3. LIFTING imperfections and wrinkles for an even and firm appearance
  4. PROMOTING the penetration of the active ingredients into the tissues in order to obtain immediately visible and measurable results
  5. STIMULATING circulation and microcirculation to activate cellular metabolism and promote production of collagen and elastin



NONAPEPTIDE: latest generation innovative peptide, acts on the epigenetic parts of the skin and slows down its biological clock. It stimulates the regenerative capacity of the skin and promotes dermo-restructuring. Tested on microcirculation and puffiness (7 days) * and on wrinkles and brightness (28 days) **, demonstrated anti-aging effect and reactivates the skin.

* tested on xxx

** tested on xxx

NANNOCHLOROPSIS OCULATA MICROALGAE EXTRACT: rich in vitamins C and B12, this innovative extract has two effects on the skin:

  1. short term effect: it creates an instant lifting effect
  2. long term effect: it acts as a protective shield against cellular oxidative stress. It also aids in the development of collagen I, an essential part of the epidermal connective tissue. With regular use, the skin regains considerable firmness.

ISOMERATE SACHARINE: a very hydrating sugar. It binds to keratin like a magnet, thanks to the fact that it is skin-friendly. Its moisturizing effect lasts for 72 hours and does not stop even after repeated washing, but only with regard to epidermal renewal and natural exfoliation.

PULLULAN: complex, water-soluble, sugar. The special chemical-physical properties have cytoprotective properties, coupled with the ability to protect cellular structures against the harmful effects of oxygen-free radicals. It also improves tissues, promotes collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles and stimulates cell renewal.

HYALURONIC ACID: it perfectly reaches the dermis, where it has an intensive moisturizing effect and at the same time contributes in stimulating collagen and elastin. Provides deep hydration to the skin and produces visible changes in the complexion, which immediately shows brighter.

TAMANU: It has strong antioxidant properties due to the xanthones and coumarins present in this precious oil. It protects the cells from the effects of time and from the damage caused by the oxidative deterioration.

SHEA BUTTER: maintains the natural elasticity of the skin. It has an intense moisturizing, nourishing and soothing effect.

VITAMIN C: a powerful antioxidant, gives instant shine to the skin. Very moisturizing, provides elasticity in the epidermis. Basic collagen synthesis, protects against aging and the harmful effects of sunlight. The deficiency causes changes in the structure of the dermis.


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